Why rebrand?

Rebranding is not just a fashion statement and a new logo. This is the need for qualitative changes both within the company and in working with the audience.

With the advent of the Internet, the rapid flow of time and the hurricane of events catches anyone by surprise, changes his lifestyle, views and, as a result, his attitude towards products and services. Thus, sooner or later, the wind of change will one day blow in your direction. The main thing is to turn it into a fresh breeze, and not a useless draft.

Rebranding does not always mean changing the logo, although it usually changes some expressive means. For example, Old Spice did not change their logo, but they did change their attitude towards their brand. Coca-cola for half a century also did not make significant changes in its style, although the composition and positioning have changed since then.

Rebranding does not always mean changing the logo.

So what is rebranding and why is it needed? Below we have given the reasons, each of which can serve as a worthy basis for new measures!

1. Ideological changes

If you want to declare about changes within the company, about a new attitude towards customers, about new strategic values ​​- rebranding will be the best way to do this. But remember, a fashionable logo is only a visible part of the changes, it can only temporarily darken the hearts of customers. There must be more substantial innovations behind this. For example, remember the new sign of Russian Railways, which was not able to hide the stale toilets on the trains for a long time and quickly returned the stuffy speech of its passengers? The trains, of course, were painted, but the attitude of the population did not change.

If you want to communicate a change within the company, rebranding is the best way to do it.

Frederick the Great is different! One day he decided to make potatoes a national product … instead of bread, which for hundreds of years has taken root on the nation s dinner table. This was due to the fact that famine struck the country, and potatoes could become an alternative to wheat products. However, the people opposed this state of affairs, they say, what s the point of potatoes if they have neither taste nor color. And then the king did what we now call rebranding: he planted all his gardens with a tuberous look and changed the attitude of his people to the product, which is royally tasty and nutritious, by the way!

2. Transition to a new price segment

Re-pricing is one of the most common reasons for rebranding. This is a frequent occurrence among the fashion industry when expensive fashion designers launch more democratic collections (for example, Marc by Marc Jacobs). In other words, if you no longer want to sell vegetables at 10 rubles / kg, it s time to think about long-term and quality changes in PR and style, which will make the usual potatoes a “golden” dish!

3. Reform

If your company has undergone qualitatively new changes in the governing composition, or there is no more caffeine in your coffee, then this is a good reason to change the visual appearance. The task of design and advertising campaigns is to reflect, by intuitive means, the unique qualities of the product and business that you should be proud of!

4. Refocusing

Changing your target audience can be a good engine for your business to grow. Having done a search and studying competitors, among which there is little place for your business, you can find your niche and work purposefully for it. For example, Carlsberg positions Eva beer as a drink for women, while the Double Trouble baby shop supposedly dresses only twins. Narrow specialization will be easier for consumers to remember because of its uniqueness. Focusing on one thing, though, may not always reflect the global reach of your business.

5. News feed

Rebranding is a great opportunity to remind you of yourself and re-attract the audience s attention to your product or service. A new logo, style and ideological changes may form the basis of a teaser, and then a series of articles or posts on social networks. At least a month of news boom and transitions is guaranteed for you! And if your audience is youth, hipsters, designers or young entrepreneurs, then a GoDesigner pitch will already be a worthy part of your campaign.

6. Increased loyalty

A successful rebranding will definitely breathe new life into your business. All these press releases, news, teasers and posts with beautiful graphic accompaniment will attract the attention of new people, and regular customers will see the change in style as stable growth and development.

7. Motivation of employees

Fashionable rebranding will attract the attention of not only potential customers, but also employees: it will give them fresh topics of conversation, common themes, unite the team and give them hope for an optimistic future. Colleagues will feel new potential and an influx of strength in their company, and as a result, many will soon want to work within your walls. And personnel, as you know, is the most important thing in business !!!

Rebranding will unite the team and give employees hope for an optimistic future for the company

Expert opinion – Mikhail Chernyshev


However, we decided to ask an experienced specialist who knows firsthand what this hard-to-read word means – rebrend and ng… Marketing director of Tele2 and our expert, Mikhail Chernyshev, made their own judgment about when and why this is needed:

Before answering this question, you need to understand what branding is. A brand is an idea. Accordingly, the branding process is the process of “packaging an idea” in the broadest sense of the word.

Accordingly, rebranding is needed when the essence of what the company is trying to convey to its consumer is radically changed. Or the brand failed in the process of its creation: the idea was “packaged” incorrectly, the brand s promises did not coincide with the real experience.

Very often, rebranding is confused with restyling. In the latter case, only “cosmetic processing” is required. The difference between rebranding and restyling is like reincarnation and plastic surgery.

Source: godesigner.ru

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