What to do with “extra” design ideas?

Every designer comes up with a lot of ideas. This is good, don t get it wrong, but sometimes there are significantly more ideas than we are able to accomplish in any foreseeable time. Sometimes a lifetime may not be enough for them. Often, designers simply write down these “extra” ideas in a notebook and leave them for the time being. But this is boring and completely ineffective. You can do much better with your ideas.

Below you will find some tips on this matter.

Set a deadline

If you really want to bring the idea to life, force yourself to take the time. More often than not, we have more time than we think. If the idea is burning a hole in your hard drive, it s time to finish implementing it. Surely you will need to reorganize your schedule and postpone other, less burning cases.

In the end, it is up to you to decide what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the project, and whether it is worth these sacrifices. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn t, but you never know until you look at your to-do list and prioritize.

Combine ideas

Some ideas can be combined with others with very unexpected results. You can always try this method if you don t have time to process every idea. Sometimes you can end up with something much better than the original material.
Combining ideas is a fairly well-known technique in brainstorming. New combinations can open new creative doors for you, and put your brain on the path to your best project.

Share ideas

Ideas are free. You can copy the idea quite legally. But you can donate some of your ideas, which you will not undertake in the near future. Perhaps someone who gets them will implement them in the near future. Maybe one of your friends knows exactly what to do with the idea, and will be grateful for your help and help.


By the way, if you are worried that someone might steal your idea, you shouldn t. Another person will not embody the idea exactly in the form in which you would have done it. Also, think about this: if an idea isn t good enough to be borrowed, it might not be worth your attention either.

Throw an idea

Sometimes it can be helpful to simply admit that you will never come back to an idea again. Old ideas lodging in your head can seriously hinder your creative development. You should be pushed forward by new, fresh ideas. Most likely, a few years later, you will be surprised at how focused you were on something that now seems completely unworthy of attention.

Such discoveries happen all the time, and this is a good sign. The more experience you have, the faster you can separate a bad idea from a good one.

Whatever you do – go for it!

Ideas are completely useless if you don t work on them. Don t forget to check your idea pad. Don t put them on the back burner.

Combine ideas, work on them, donate them, throw them away – keep this process in motion without interrupting the cycle. You sort through ideas, mix, arrange, and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle. All this prevents the creative juices from stagnating in your blood. And this is useful even if you don t get any of the ideas to mind.

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