Web Design Trends 2018 (Part # 2)

Continuation of a long article about 19 of the most striking trends that we will see in 2018.

The first part and the first 11 trends.

12. Destruction of the mesh

For a long time, design elements were concentrated in their own area and almost did not overlap each other. This, of course, keeps projects organized and guides users gaze to specific areas with the information they need. However, over time, the design began to look more and more the same type, and everyone got bored of seeing the same thing. Therefore, the designers decided to break the mesh, achieve a unique style and look more modern and daring. This trend will continue as long as the challenge is to be relevant and stand out from the rest.

Cedric Lachot Website

Red Collar Digital Agency

13. Creative typography

Not only will creative typography leave the light in 2018, but it will certainly be one of the top trends for the year ahead. “A world of pure imagination,” as Willy Wonka said.

2e973459752143.5a37ecc25410bProject: ILOVEDUST – 3D TYPE COLLECTION 1

c442f859752143.5a2faa469d035Project: Typography 3D – 9
Author: Alexis Persani

14. Greetings from the 80s

Have I seen this somewhere before? Sure: colors and patterns from the 80s and 90s are making a comeback with their angularity and bold contrasts. Is this a nostalgic climate or just a recurring trend? Or is it rather because of the kids of these bright and crazy years who are becoming designers today?

Their old toys and their moms in sometimes questionable outfits are the inspiration for this dynamic, lively trend.


Project: BLIINK Ident
Author: Yukai Du

07b75259752143.5a38ebdab7820Project: 80 s inspired Pattern | POINT //////// | W-1411 FLY
Author: Rahul Das | Álvaro Peñalta | WRITE SKETCH &

15. Modular white space

Some things always stay trendy, such as a black cocktail dress or modular blank space. A transparent, efficient, neat design, it allows you to manipulate space and content with color and shape to draw attention to important sections.

8b0c9259752143.5a37d55de0587Project: – Ifys
Author: Adencys
2cf8ceccd9f84247eea89Project: Minim E-commerce Website | Nona Home E-commerce Website | Digital Agency Website

Author: Daniel Tan

16. Splitting a page

Dividing a page into 2 parts allows you to divide content into meaningful areas, for example by separating text from images or by creating a hierarchy of information. In 2018, when the amount of information increases and we don t want people to wade through crowded pages. This will allow you to deliver enough information without losing focus on UX and aesthetics.

4ac1ec59752143.5a37ae1c5ffaeProject: Fold animation
Author: Divan Raj

ac48e28a977d366b4dc33Project: Product Landing Page UI | Design Thinking | Split fold cards for blog
Posted by Dinesh Shrestha | Radowan Nakif Rehan | Divan raj

17. Bright colored pages

Don t be afraid to overdo it, excess is welcome in this new era. Any daring designer will praise and encourage experimentation with super-richness and new shapes.

Let the clash happen: double tones are no longer in the shadows and in the end, every brand can take a chance. Give color to the canvas!

2f40c159752143.5a3a46f097dc7Project: Running on experience
By Adobe
338fbf59752143.5a37a5dccd637Project: Egwineco | Nike Tech Pack in-store app
Author: egwineco.com | Shakir Dzheyranov, Luis Liwag, Robo Inc.

18. Monochrome icons

While the rest of the page is filled with colors and gradients, icons adhere to the mono rule, their ultimate goal is to be lightweight. The badge should be aesthetically pleasing, not just informative, and should blend in with other design elements.

09bd8bc079fb2ba0d84aaProject: Icon Design
Author: Eaton

19. Refined metallic finish

With the new rendering tools, 3D models look very sleek and sophisticated, making it much easier to achieve a realistic and alluring metallic look that lends importance and luxury. With the right use of lighting, reflections and shadows, metal surfaces and elements will not look awkward and lack depth and realism.

78138bbcb853e431e2b3bProject: Grand Spectacular 2016
By C&B Advertising
39a4c0d1e6f35228947d5Project: Various Concepts
Author: Oleg Morozov
81f1377fdbf6633c1477aProject: Black & Gold | Blindness
Posted by Daniel Aristizábal | Carlos García, Daniel Aristizábal

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