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The navigation menu is one of the most viewed and popular parts of the interface. Let s take a look at some of the navigation design principles that will help our users get a better experience.

1. Placement matters

The Internet has developed a clear navigation pattern (very top of the page, left side, or footer). When menus are placed outside these areas, they become awkward and difficult to find.

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2. Show users where they are

Tell users their current location clearly. Use a few tips like the ones below to help them navigate. Our users should never have to wonder where they are.

UX design for navigation menus

3. Mega menus or dropdowns

Research shows mega menus are better than dropdowns (dropdowns) because they show everything at once, can use images, allow for better grouping of sections, and appear more attractive.

UX design for navigation menus

4. Effective link titles

The user should be able to easily predict where the link will lead him before he clicks on it (this is called information smell). For this, the most important factor is how well we subscribe.

UX design for navigation menus

5. How many menu items?

The correct number of items on your menu depends on several things, such as how complex your product is or how smart your users are. But try to choose less than 6 or 7 items. Order matters too.

UX design for navigation menus

6. Don t hide them

The navigation menu is one of the most popular parts of the interface and it provides the user with basic contextual information so it should always be visible.

These days, the default hamburger menu is used on mobile devices, but there are alternatives that don t completely hide navigation: tabs, progressive collapse, scrolling lists, etc.

UX design for navigation menus

7. Visual Design Tips

Good interface design goes a long way. Below are some tips for improving it. When in doubt, test them! And don t forget about accessibility.

UX design for navigation menus

That s all! Thanks for reading.

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