UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

Sometimes it takes only minor changes to your design to create effective and beautiful interfaces.

In this article, I ll present another collection of easy-to-use micro UI and UX design tips.

Tips that can effortlessly improve both your design and user experience.

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Let s get started …

1. Want to speak in a more informal tone? Try to write all the text in lowercase

Using a heavier typeface and capital letters can make the text a little formal and sometimes flashy.

Try to write all text in lowercase and use lighter font

This can make the message more informal and accessible.

UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

2. Use weight, size and color to indicate the hierarchy in the selected font

When working with a typeface, elements shouldn t be screaming “Look at me!” All the time.

But they need balanced hierarchy

All that is needed is small adjustments in weight, size and color.

This will allow the user to find the most important items while avoiding confusion while crawling the page.

UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

3. Light text on a dark background? Increase font weight for better readability

When setting dark text on a light background, you can sometimes choose a lighter font weight.


… When it comes down to the opposite: light text> dark background …

… you should increase the font weight slightly, especially for large blocks of text.

Strive for better readability and don t tire the user s eyes.

UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

4. Create the right emotional response with your chosen font

Try to choose suitable font for your content.

Users are smart and intuitively feel when content is reaching out to them and when not.

Choosing the right font is the key to getting content to access them directly on emotional level

UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

5. If you must use multiple fonts, try to stick to the “Maximum of 2 fonts” rule

As for me, I try to stick with 1 headset whenever possible.

But, if the project requires it, I recommend using a maximum of a combination of 2 fonts.

No more.

It can be difficult for inexperienced designers to achieve a good font pairing.

Be lenient with yourself and don t add another font just because you can.

Limiting two fonts in combination with settings weights, size and colors can instantly bring visual harmony into your design.

UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

6. All uppercase letters + letter spacing = better readability

Working with short strings of uppercase text?


… We recommend you increase the interval between letters to improve readability

This makes it easier to read as the letters are better distinguishable from each other.

Just a slight increase in letter spacing is all it takes to improved legibility and glossing your font in uppercase.

UI and UX micro-tips: part 3

Hopefully, with these little tips, you can see how even the smallest design changes can lead to better end results for both you and your users.

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