Tips for Designing the Best Interface Icons


Iconography is one of the most important parts of the user interface. It is a visual language that presents calls to action, content, and the meaning of functionality.

Your icons should always represent simple visual metaphors that users can immediately understand and recognize.

Based on how you design and use icons in your product, you can add a sense of uniqueness to your brand. Below are some tips to help you create better icons.

Tip 1. Customize the grid

You will never create just one icon. You are always creating a set. To make the set consistent, you need a grid.

Define a safe area and establish key lines. Use the resulting mesh as a template to lock in the proportions and dimensions of your icon.

Tip 2. Make them consistent

When designing a set, use the same line width, corner radius, and fill style. This ensures that all icons look consistent and recognizable.

Example: line thickness – 2px, corner rounding radius – 3px;

Tip 3 – make them understandable

In icon design, less is more. Use clear metaphors with the same amount of detail so that each icon is easy to recognize and understand.

Tips for Designing the Best Interface Icons

Tip 4 – Use equal spacing

Use equal space between icon elements to make the whole set look harmonious.

You can calculate the distance between vector lines by holding down the Alt key in Figma, Sketch, or XD.

Tips for Designing the Best Interface Icons

Tip 5 – Optical Correction

Optically center the elements of the icon and balance the visual weight.

Tips for Designing the Best Interface Icons

Tip 6 – fill the space

Rotate narrow icons and use all of the container space to improve readability.

Tips for Designing the Best Interface Icons

Tip 7 – combine styles

Use Fill and Outline Styles to describe the states of the interface and help the user find the desired icon or button.

Tips for Designing the Best Interface Icons

Tip 8 – Convenient tools



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Author: Clark Douglas

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