The role of photo banks in the work of a designer

Photography is an integral part of graphic design and has always been used in print and online publications. Photography has now become more accessible to designers thanks to the multitude of microstock photobanks. But not every photo bank can satisfy the high technical and ideological requirements of designers.

There are a number of microstocks that have over 3 million images in their assets. It is with such agencies that you can cooperate. After all, the price for one photo starts from $ 1, and this is affordable for many. Another plus is that the photo can be obtained immediately by downloading it from the Internet. There are also sections with free photos in large photo banks.

And if you yourself photograph or draw illustrations, then another opportunity opens up for you – to sell your material through microstocks.

Benefits of working with microstock on the face:

  • the designer himself chooses the material he needs to work from a variety of photos.
  • photo acquisition speed
  • low prices for photos and vectors

Examples of large and successful photo banks:

  1. Istockphoto – the forefather of the microstock industry
  2. Shutterstock – works by subscription
  3. Fotolia – Highest turnover for photographers, solid business
  4. Dreamstime – a little bit from each
  5. Pixmac – the most simplified use of the service

Each photo bank has something of its own. Istockphoto – the highest quality photos, Shutterstock – the cheapest prices, but there are a lot of little-used photos. Pixmac – the easiest and most understandable service, but still few photos. Let everyone choose what he needs – price, quality, convenience.

The author of the article is Andrey Yurlov (works with Pixmac).

Thanks to Andrey for the article, although it was not great, it was very informative. We can say – a guide for beginners. I once touched upon the topic of source materials for the site for a long time – read the article about free images (headers) for a site or blog.

Do you have experience with photobanks? Why did they use it, what is the result? – write in the comments.

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