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In most cases, users dislike a redesign, not because they don t like it, but because they are used to a different version of the product and even minor changes can cause negative emotions. Serious modernization of the resource will unsettle users for some time. For them, this is a way out of comfort, and even if initially the received upgrades are not satisfied with it, then everything comes over time and previously inconvenient innovations will become just as comfortable to use.

Redesign is about change, and people don t like change. During the frequent use of a site or application, users bring their actions to automatism, use it quickly and without heavy loads, and unusual changes make them stop and embarrass them. Never make drastic changes if minimal improvements are enough.

Perhaps one of the notable radical redesign changes was Instagram in 2016.

Instagram. Before after


Sometimes, not wanting to adapt to the new design, users refuse to use this product, therefore it is recommended not to introduce global edits very often, it is necessary to choose your own dynamics, at least once every three years.

Large-scale changes, yes, should not be introduced, but small changes are highly recommended. Before deciding, for example, to modernize the site, think about how it will affect users, and even better – take a couple of days to study the usability of the resource.

Redesign through the eyes of the user Before / After

Too many companies are embarking on an all-out rebuild unnecessarily. Moreover, if the changes are very minor, then users may not even notice them. A well-designed project cannot be perfect from the first release, already according to surveys and customer reviews, edits are made, whether it be a background shade or a logo shape.

Give users the option to revert to the old version, but be sure to ask them to answer what they didn t like about the new version and why. This will provide an opportunity to understand and analyze your new design and make improvements.

Redesign through the eyes of the user
Redesign of the desktop version of Twitter in January 2019

Types of redesign

Depending on the desires, the redesign can be presented in different forms:

Logo redesign

If the logo is outdated, inconvenient to use, it looks old-fashioned. Or if there is a product change, a change in company preferences, or a merger.)

Redesign through the eyes of the user

Interface changes

Editing of fonts, design style (use of modern trends, individual memorable design, compliance with the changed logo).


Adding / changing content (removing outdated headings and sections, replacing images with more modern and high-quality ones, corresponding to the topic; updating the text content). Getting rid of irrelevant content allows you to speed up page loading, which is welcomed by search engines.

Interaction with users

The process of interaction with the user is very important. For example, the buying process can be made as interactive as possible. Implement animation of certain actions and their elements, which will create a feeling of complete immersion and interaction with the process, and, if used correctly, has a good effect on conversion.


Elaboration of the HTML code, as it is very important for search engine promotion.

Optimizing UX

It is worth taking care of the competent development of the information architecture of your product. Usability optimization (convenient menu, site navigation, search filters, the ability to navigate intuitively) will help with this.


5 common redesign mistakes

  • Lack of understanding of the final version of the work. When starting a redesign, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what your product will be like in the end.
  • Inattentive selection of specialists (if you are trying in every possible way to reduce the list of tasks and start to select saving on this). It is better to invest in high-quality work than to lose any opportunities to develop and increase profits in the future.
  • Illegality. Very often, the owner wants to see all the fashionable chips and modern design trends on the site at once. At the same time, user friendliness is often relegated to the background. As a result, you can get a site from which the owner is delighted, and users feel uncomfortable and, as a result, do not perform conversion actions, which leads to a disaster.
  • Not understanding the specifics of the work. For a product to transform, you need to not only work with the visual part, but also pay attention to the analysis of user habits and reactions. Ultimately, the product should be as easy to use as possible. If your product is difficult to use, the visitor will simply close it and never return.
  • Short terms for implementation. Don t rush and expect results that are too quick. This can negatively affect quality. In addition, professionals in their field prefer not to work with those who want to get a job as soon as possible.


The redesign must be done at least once every 5 years, taking into account the requirements of search engines and user convenience, reflecting changes in the product, brand, services or target audience in it.
You can redesign visual, functional, technical, deep. The main thing here is to focus on quality and focus on the desired result.

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