Is the era of design systems really gone?

I read a good article by Seryozha Plashchinsky that design systems have left us. It can be seen (at least by the lack of pictures) that this is not just a passing article on the blog for activity, but the author s thoughts.

I liked the article, although, in my opinion, the design systems did not come anywhere and did not go anywhere. If you wish, you can get acquainted with the design system of British railways or even the NSDAP and the KPSS.

Analog design system from Britich Rail
Is the era of design systems really gone?
Analog alert dialog box © Britich Rail

All the same elements, the same rules, only analog. There was no reactant or sketch, but design systems were already there. Why is that? Because:

  • Professionalism is also consistency.
  • Consistency is about rules and consistency.
  • Rules and consistency in design – design system.

Therefore, the material design guidelines will continue to look further.

In my opinion, the design system does not resemble modernist architecture, but another system of rules – national legislation. There are basic rules: the basic law, there are derivatives, which are subject to general logic and principles. Spirit and letter, essence and form.

Legislation is never perfect, never fully written, but is constantly being improved in response to the challenges of the time. All actions that a developer can take are described in advance as either complying with the rules or violating them.

Legislation may be complicated or, on the contrary, not spelled out in detail. May be outdated and not up to date. But this does not mean that someone will decide to abandon the guides.

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