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What makes visual content unique and how to achieve uniqueness without breaking the rules

Look around and you will see an abundance of boilerplate designs. Everyone copies other people s ideas, changing the visuals to the best of their ability or arrogance. They change colors and shapes, move blocks. At the request of clients, designers are ready to steal the entire layout of a high-end website. The digital world is a world of imitation. We are not talking about whether this is good or bad. We are simply stating that this is not the path you should follow if you want to create unique project

How do you create a trendy yet distinctive design?

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Your task will become much easier if you understand the importance of uniqueness in web design… Being unique in terms of design is not the same as being unique in a colloquial sense. It s not about being creative, possessing insane skills, or having a spark of divine talent.

In design, uniqueness is achieved by following some fairly non-unique rules.

1. Uniqueness attracts attention

You walk down the street and you see a pair of sneakers in the window. You slow down and begin to stare at them with growing interest. Ordinary sneakers … But something caught my eye. Whether it s shape, color, or fabric, that s not what you think about in the first few moments. All you need to do is take a closer look.

The unique design evokes similar feelings. Something catches the eye, attracts attention – this is the first reaction.

How to make your web design unique
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Below I will show how this reaction is achieved.

2. Uniqueness is love at first sight

On closer inspection, the sneaker looks even better, although the manufacturer is unfamiliar to you. They look as good as sneakers from famous brands! You feel like you need to try them on right here and now.

This is how unique design works: making the user fall in love with the product.

3. Uniqueness is the face of your brand

Familiarity with the brand will further increase your resolve to buy the product. Otherwise, the product must look authentic, testify to its quality and beauty (see point 2 above).

Uniqueness shapes the brand, distinguishing it from competitors and elevating it. Uniqueness helps your product become unforgettable. You see one face in a crowd of thousands and you cannot forget it.

So you want a catchy design, not just a trendy one.

Forward-thinking companies strive to differentiate themselves from the competition in the earliest stages of building a website and developing their visual identity. And you cannot do this without being at least somewhat unique!

4. Uniqueness is positive emotions

Love at first sight is an exciting feeling. Such love is not accidental: it is born from the aesthetic satisfaction that we experience when we look at an object. This also means that we are confident in its quality and irreplaceability. The uniqueness of the product boggles the imagination, so we imagine ourselves as happy owners special subject. Yes, everything is like everyone else, only better!

5. Uniqueness emphasizes the best qualities

A mole on Marilyn Monroe s face drove millions of viewers crazy. She was her unique trait and part of her image. Many girls painted “Marilyn s birthmarks” on their faces, but none of them became a star (the same with thoughtless copying of designs). The actress s mole was a highlight that drew attention to her beautiful lips. Let s apply this principle to design: we need to draw attention to interesting things, not just use selections to bring visuals to life. Would a mole help her if Marilyn Monroe was a bad or ugly actress?

6. Uniqueness – special convenience

Extra convenience means predictability (as paradoxical as it sounds). This is the difference between digital uniqueness and the general meaning of the word. It is necessary aboutso take care of the convenience of users. And for that, the interface must be clear, not frighteningly unique.

Uniqueness is a special concern for navigation, functionality, and visual logic of the content.

7. Uniqueness is a special quality

This means a thoughtful, functional and beautiful design, in which every pixel expresses concern for the needs of users, the image of the brand and its promotion. A special quality can only be achieved after a careful study of the project requirements and the search for the optimal design concept.

How to make your web design unique
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A unique design is created for a specific audience, a specific product, a specific company. Reusing someone else s good solutions is a normal practice if we know for sure that they will work in our case.

Uniqueness is a particularly good solution to a problem.

8. Uniqueness is a special emotion

Each project has its own goals and audience, so it should evoke certain emotions. This is why using someone else s visual ideas or templates will fail.

How to make your web design unique
Resilient – mobile app design

9. Uniqueness is a special humanity

Whatever visualization tool you choose – photographs, illustrations, animation – the audience should like it, match its tastes, and satisfy its expectations.

The figures deserve special mention. Users love them because they look beautiful and are trustworthy. Drawings are created by people, not soulless software. It is one of the best unique design tools – touching, beautiful and memorable. It sends a clear message to users: “We love you and we are ready to put in the effort.”

How to make your web design unique
Illustration: Outcrowd

10. Uniqueness is special responsiveness

The user wants to feel that the interaction with the interface is beautiful and unobtrusive. Microinteractions should be predictable and at the same time personalized for the user. There are also things that cannot be thoughtlessly copied.

11. Uniqueness is a special style

No, it s not about special techniques or design techniques, it s secondary. A unique style is above all a concept. The conceptual approach forms its own style, which manifests itself in any project, regardless of specific requirements. For example, our team strives to make customers special (which is why we are so passionate about this topic). We achieve this thanks to our design concept, which prioritizes clarity, clarity, simplicity and minimalism, logic, aesthetics and functionality.


Uniqueness means strict adherence good design rules. Nobody says it s easy. Working, showing love, care and attention has never been easy, has it?

The secret of uniqueness lies in the careful solution of project tasks one after another. Then uniqueness will develop naturally, because the task itself dictates it.

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