How to make a test assignment to a UX / UI designer: examples and 10 tips

Natalia Tarasova tells how she did the test task for the position of UX / UI designer at Wildberries: what steps she did and what the result was.

When I started working as a UX / UI designer, I had no idea what the test task should be, what to write, how to design, what is important to convey and what is missing. Now, after the test assignments, I am offered the role of a senior designer, so I decided to share my method of implementation point by point. Hope it will be helpful 🙂

I am attaching an example assignment for a UX / UI designer from Wildberries.

Further tips for solving similar test problems.


The cover is useful to those in charge, so remind the task, its name and to whom it was given, take care of the users even here. Also, give an idea of ​​your effectiveness by indicating the time spent on the task. It is important for an employer to know how long it takes you to cope with such work.


Show your method for solving the problem

The employer wants to understand what to expect from you and how you will work further. Write a scenario of your actions in as much detail as possible, or draw up a test task in the form of steps to give an idea of ​​how you would act upon receiving such a task.

Show that you understand the benefits of the product manager and the whole team, the results of research, collect information from the responsible persons, before starting to complete the task, and do not act on your own instinct.


Understand the project before drawing the preset screens

Any product designer starts with an understanding of the project, which means this principle should be shown in the test task. Provide answers to the main questions about the project, and then you can explain on what data you were based and why such an interface was created.

What and why we do it, who needs it and for what purpose, what business task, what user needs, what technical restrictions, in what form and to whom the project is transferred – basic questions.


Clarify everything that matters

The analyst will help with this in the working mode. Without it, all you have to do is use the Internet and look for a definition for all specific terms. In my case, I had to explain to myself how I see the Role entity, what functional requirements are presented to it. Based on this already go further.


Show UX Tricks Where Appropriate

Scripting will help explain how you see the use of the entire product. Thus, understanding the general, one can delve into the particular.


Show the result of your research

This method helps anticipate the employer s questions “Where does this button lead? What if you click here? Where will such a function be? Why did you decide so and not otherwise? ” Answer them in advance and it will become clearer to you how to draw the given interfaces, and the employer will understand what you were based on.

A small navigation map helps show the main user paths and project architecture.


Do not be afraid to do the project as you see it, because you are acting on the basis of your judgments, and not performing a real work task. The main thing is that you show the method of your work and its results.


At least make the interface logic

The last and minimum required step before executing the specified interface. The table helps explain what functional requirements you set, give an answer why you did exactly that, show the employer how the user s tasks are solved.


Manage attention

Add delimiters to the test item to refresh your attention and separate the presentation logic.


Final interface

Show the logic of working with the interface using all screen states. Describe what is happening on each interface at the top of the screen so as not to make the reader guess what the designer wanted to say.

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Additional Tips

Show your soft skills, friendliness and adequacy in the test task. Even if you consider yourself a top-class professional, it will not be superfluous to smile 🙂

How to complete a test assignment for a UX designer

Based on communication with friends who specialize only in UX, I can briefly tell you how the UX test task is performed.

  1. Conduct research about the existence of the problem by interviewing people on the streets, cafes, McDonald s and the locations of the target group. The task is to identify the pains of users. Provide the result with a diagram
  2. Create 5-10 problem-solving hypotheses, present them to the respondents orally and collect statistics of answers
  3. Tell users that they can close their pain with the current product (which is not true) and invite them to do so. Record screen video and eye tracking using Users won t be able to find what they are missing in the product, but you will learn how they think, where they go, where they search. Present the result with a diagram
  4. Create an interactive prototype for each hypothesis and give it to users. Describe each hypothesis, attach an interactive prototype and result with a diagram
  5. Display the final analysis of prototypes in a table
  6. Life hack! For the most successful prototype, make a QR code and stick it on other QR codes at McDonald s! As a result, you will receive about 500 tests in a few days and a strong confirmation that your hypothesis works.


Test tasks are always different, so when you receive it, ask if it is a combat task, if there is access to analytics, in what form to provide the result, what screen resolution, are adaptive solutions needed, is research needed, is it interesting to see animations, where to give more emphasis in the UI or UX. You are given a task and it is normal to ask why you need it and what is expected of it.

ps I made a test afterwards according to my own scheme, a little sloppy, since, I confess, I don t like test tasks)

Solution by reference.

They accepted it with a bang, but noticed that it would be possible to give more explanation of the visual solution. I agree that it is unsaid at the end, so I advise everyone to add callouts to the visual solution with an explanation of what it is and how it works.

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