How to end a Steve Jobs-style presentation?

Translation of the article “How to End a Sales Presentation Like Steve Jobs” with 5 tips on how to properly end any presentation.

Remember Steve Jobs favorite trick? When the show is over, he turns and says, “Something else …”

Here are five more ways to end your presentation in an enchanting way.

1. Finish a previously started story

As your presentation progresses, start telling a story (such as an interesting client case), but change the subject. Then go back to the case again and tell the ending with impressive results. It will be the icing on the cake for your presentation.

2. Surprise with statistics

End your presentation with numbers and the audience will think about it all day. For example: “Have you heard that the average worker spends 31 hours a month on unproductive meetings?” The main thing is that this fact is true and relevant to your business.

3. Freebie!

Psychologists have proven that people lose control when they see discounts.

Buyers interest dies out if they don t see the benefit. Tell them that the company is giving you a free trial for a month. If this is not possible, distribute a piece of content or a limited version of the service.


4. Ask questions

Ask a tough question to ponder at last. The audience will ponder it for the rest of the day.

Try the following questions:

● Introduce your company in six months. How did it develop?
● Imagine: you ve just been promoted. How did you achieve this?
● If difficulties arise, how will they affect the company?
● The problem costs about $ X per year. And if you do nothing in this situation? Could you?
● Competitors made a deal with someone or solved a problem. How will this affect the competition between you?

5. Get closer

If customers love and trust you, they listen to what you have to say and buy from you. It is much more difficult to make love.

Explain at the end of your presentation what the company s mission is and what its meaning is — so you will gain the trust of potential customers. Or tell the story of how the company was founded:

“People are ready to work for you, but they have no experience? This is what gave the impetus to Chip and Joanna. They couldn t find good employees at the marketing agency. Then they sold it and started Hire Smart recruiting company. “

Sure, you can t beat the iPhone launch, but these strategies will help make an impression.

Output: Here are five tips that are helpful as morning vitamins to complete your presentation. But there is something else … Don t forget about “Something else …”


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