How to create an unforgettable wedding website

Get married soon? Congratulations! But before you get to the altar, you have to plan and organize a lot. Everyone wants their wedding to be something unique, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Dress, cake, choice of colors – everything has to be perfect, and a wedding site is no exception.

It is about the wedding site that will be discussed here. Wedding website creation is becoming more and more popular among young couples. It all started with the Internet mailing of invitations, which made it possible to minimize the number of printed copies. But soon the couples realized that a beautiful wedding site is also a way to share the good news in an original, memorable way.

but wedding sites are meant not only for guests. This is a great way to capture one of the most important moments in two people s lives. If you want to create a website that symbolizes your union and at the same time could intrigue your guests, here are a couple of tips on how to do it:

Tell your story

How did you meet? What events do you think played an important role in your relationship? What do you like to do together? How was the offer made? Your site will give you the opportunity to share these intimate moments with your guests. But don t try to write your entire relationship history here. The text shouldn t be long. Try to make it funny, touching, and truly personal. No one can resist a good love story.

create a wedding website

Photos, photos and more photos

Get a collection of joint photos and post as many of them as possible on the site. They can be placed on different pages or collected in one gallery. You can also add snapshots of the location where the event will take place.

Many modern couples try to avoid puffy photos and try to be creative. If you want to surprise your guests with unusual photos, you can look for inspiration from the wedding photos featured on Pinterest. To find images on this topic, search for “wedding” and you will get several hundred good ideas.

create a wedding website

Your wedding is your site

When you create a wedding website, you want it to give an idea of ​​you and your future spouse. If you both love punk music, sports, or silent movies, these interests may well form the basis of your website design. Use the right colors, fonts and illustrations to create the right mood and make the site reflect your personality.

create a wedding website

Provide the most important information

Romance is great, but remember that a wedding site should also provide the information you need about the event. There are many online services that will help you provide all the data as accurately as possible, for example, you can add a map using the Google map.

Wedding templates on Wix let you add a contact form 123ContactForm app, with which you can send out invitations, and your guests clarify the information they are interested in. Another useful application is MyRegistryto help you create a gift list.

create a wedding website

What to do next

So you got married. What s next? No need to throw away the site along with the invitation envelopes. Leave it as an online version of your wedding album, as something to remind you of the best moments in your life. On it you can place photos and videos from the wedding and send a link to them to all invitees. You can also add pictures from your honeymoon there. It is a good idea to create a separate thank you page for everyone who celebrated this event with you.

create a wedding website

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I express my gratitude for the note to the Wix service – website development, with the assistance of which it was written. Those who are engaged in the development of sites (especially on the topic of weddings) should come in handy.

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