How to create a Windows 7 desktop wallpaper

Today in Design Mania there is a guest post from seo and just blogger Sk8er. I slightly expanded the original text of the author with a little thought so that it does not seem too technical.

Probably, there is not a single IT specialist in the world who would not have heard about the release of Windows 7, many have even managed to install it as a home Windows. I myself am in the process of installation – I recently bought a new hard drive, 2 coolers for the case and found the distribution kit of the Windows 7 operating system that I needed. I just don t have enough time to turn off all business and work, concentrate and leave once and for all with the awful and bulky Vista … So for those who are still, like me, in thought, I suggest putting yourself a motivating wallpaper on your desktop in the style of Windows 7, but instead of looking for them, we will try to draw them ourselves in the graphics editor Photoshop (English version).

So, in this tutorial I will show you how to make a beautiful Windows 7 wallpaper. Let s go. To begin with, by the way, I propose to evaluate the final result of our work:

Create a new file (File> New) 1920px by 1200px, and select White in the Background Contents field. Next, knock out the Rectangle Tool (U) and draw a rectangle. Set the Fill parameter to 0% and go to the Layer Style settings, then go to Styles> Gradient Overlay.

photoshop gradient

Select the Gradient Editor by clicking on the gradient, pay attention to the codes of the colors used:

photoshop gradient

The result will be something like:

photoshop gradient

Use this same technique to create another background layer. Again, create a rectangle to fill the screen. For it, also set the Fill value to 0% and go to the layer settings (Layer Style), to the Gradient Overlay item and select a different color.

photoshop gradient

Should get:

photoshop gradient fill

Then again select the Rectangle Tool (U), select a slightly smaller rectangle and fill our background with a new gradient. Again set the Fill value for the layer to 0%, go to the layer settings and go to the Gradient Overlay.

photoshop gradient

In total, we have a background for wallpaper in the style of Windows 7:

photoshop gradient

Now we will make one image from all layers, it will be the background. Select them all (hold down Ctrl and click on each layer) and press Ctrl + E, or right-click and select “Merge Layers”. We now have one merged layer. Next, make a copy and go to Filter> Render> Lighting Effects.

photoshop lights effects

photoshop lights effects

Set the layer s Blend Mode to Screen.

photoshop Blend Mode

Also, adjust the Blur in the Filter> Blur> Gaussian blur window.

Gaussian blur

Create a new layer and using a brush paint the bottom of the layer. Brush color: R: 5, G: 80, B: 210.

photoshop draw the layer

Add a Layer Mask by clicking on the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers panel. Next, use a black brush with an Opacity of 30%. Paint over it with a bright blue color on the necessary parts of the background so that it does not stand out too much. As a result, it should look like this:

Set the Blend Mode to Luminocity.

Create a new layer. Select the same brush, but white with 10% Opacity to “lighten” the bottom of the layer.

Set the Blend Mode to Overlay.

Now the first part of the lesson on how to create a Windows 7 desktop wallpaper can be considered complete – then we will add the system logo.

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But in order not to break the Windows 7 wallpaper creation lesson into 2 separate posts, I divide it into 2 pages (Pages), switch to the link below and continue to learn to draw.

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