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An author s blog is a kind of virtual representation, so it should look unique. The problem is that most of the free templates (if not all) are available to everyone on the web, so there is a good chance that you will come across two absolutely identical sites. I m talking now exclusively about the design of the site header and other layout elements, since this is the first thing that catches the eye of the visitor. This can be compared to when you go to a party or holiday and meet a person who is dressed the same way. I can assume that you will hate him and will avoid it in every possible way 🙂

But do not rush to get upset, because very often you can add uniqueness to a blog by simply changing the header. Typically, this move, like adding various widgets to the sidebar, can set you apart from other bloggers.

Therefore, I bring to your attention several sites with “headers” that will help you personalize and embellish your project:

  1. 45 Free Beautiful Blog Headers – cool list from Smashing Magazine, some headers contain sources (.psd files), so you can modify them slightly.
  2. Free Webpage Headers is a nice collection of several hundred 800×200 images. Pictures are sorted into categories for easier navigation and search.
  3. Dreamstime – This site actually has to pay for images, however there is a section with free copies.
  4. stock.xchng – Despite the odd name, the site contains thousands of free images for blogs.
  5. Stock Vault is a site where designers and photographers can share their work.
  6. FreeFoto is a pretty good site where you can also search for header images.

Paid (premium) sites

Here are some more great but paid sites. In many cases, it is in principle possible to pay a few dollars for a unique and beautiful header image. Remember, your blog is your online presence, so it should look good.

Paid (premium) picture sites

  1. Fotolia – For $ 1, you can find cool unique images for your site, it s easy enough to sign up and buy “credits” right after setting up your account.
  2. Stockxpert is another resource, if you haven t found a suitable header on Fotolia, the cost also starts at one dollar.
  3. Shutterstock – slightly different from the previous ones, as you have to pay monthly. In 30 days you can download up to 750 images.
  4. Photo Library (also known as Index Stock) – navigation there is difficult, but pictures are not overlaid with a logo (watermark), so many can be saved.
  5. Getty Images – High quality images on a pretty site, although they are unlikely to be useful for a blog.
  6. is another great site with top quality photos. You pay $ 99 per month, but you can download as many images as you like. This is a good option for small businesses or businesses looking for images for their websites.
  7. – Offers good quality photos, but the cost is not very small.

In principle, this list of photos for your blog / site should be enough. If you know any other sites, I suggest sharing links in the comments. By the way, once I already wrote about free images for a blog, you can also find several stock archives there.

The post is based on – Top 5 Free Blog Header Image Websites.

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