Fashion trends of web design in 2009 (part 4)

With you again web design trends 🙂 The publication of all articles was slightly delayed, somehow there was no desire to translate English-language articles lately, and in smashingmagazine they will write something and think for 10 minutes what this could mean. Therefore, today I will try to talk as briefly as possible about all the remaining trends in web design in 2009. Consider today the last 15 copies:

16. “Social” design elements

In the blogosphere you will not find, perhaps, a single blog that does not contain various “social” icons or services. Each author is pleased with the attention to his blog, as well as new visitors, so they pay a lot of attention to such elements. Most often, these elements are located after the posts, for some they look quite original:

17. “Talking” navigation

This trend seems to remain popular this year as well. Although, to be honest, you practically won t find this in RuNet, and the idea, it seems to me, is a good one. So, designers are trying not only to display a list of site sections, but also to partially explain to visitors what is hidden behind this or that point, to give a kind of small hint. This is most common in a horizontal menu:

Sometimes in such navigation you can find large icons, blocks have the same height and width, and special hover effects are also used:

18. Dynamic tabs

One of the most popular trends not only in blogs, but also in websites. Allows you to save a lot of space on the site – the content of the page is loaded initially all, but is divided into tabs (bookmarks), of which only one selected element is constantly displayed.

The rest of the trends in the article are discussed very briefly.

19. Large search blocks

20. Visual categories (most likely, I mean icons for different categories)

21. Pictures for authors (avatars, apparently)

22. Icons and visual cues

23. Tag cloud

24. Illustrations in blog posts

25. Watercolor

26. Handwritten texts

By the way, I have 2 good selections on my blog:

27. Retro and vintage style

See also Vintage Photoshop Brushes.

28. Organic textures, photographic backgrounds

29. Icons

30. Price tags

31. Ribbons

These are the fashionable design tricks this year. I hope you enjoyed the collection. The other three articles can be found, most likely, a little lower in the section “related posts”.

PS Have you already seen unusual techno tattoos?
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