Eternal Conflict: Figma vs Sketch

Do you think I will tell you which tool is the best and what you need to choose it? No matter how it is. Today I want to talk about how ridiculous it is to read posts about a supporter of one platform throwing mud at another.

Different OS

Why compare two design tools when they are both on different operating systems? You cannot try to convince a designer to use this or that tool because you do not know what OS he has.

Because of the lack of origin, the designer will choose the platform that is supported by his computer architecture. And if he nevertheless moves from one program to another, then it will be either a work need, or his own, and most importantly, a conscious choice.

Different possibilities

Even if the designer has access to both that and that platform, he will choose the one where the tasks that he has defined for himself will be performed.

Somewhere in Figma, one property works better, while Sketch wins in other features. But if a designer doesn t need what Figma has, then they will most likely choose Sketch.
We must not forget that both tools can be combined.


This paragraph connects the two previous ones. Let s not forget that Sketch and Figma work in different ways, although they are alternatives to each other. These are two products, the developers of which see the interface design environment differently. Anyone who is accustomed to working with macOS architecture has its own advantages when working with Sketch. And vice versa.

Constant comparison

Both platforms have pluses and minuses. But developers should not be criticized in any way for the fact that they do not have this or that function that is present in the alternative program. Each platform wants to be unique and implements the same capabilities only in a different way. It just works like this on macOS, but differently on Windows, but sometimes these are crutches of the operating system itself and the implementation of the same functions may differ.

This concludes my article. I did not want to offend either the platforms or the people who use them, or, moreover, the authors of posts and articles on the Internet who are trying to compare two different products, albeit belonging to the same industry.

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