Creating a furniture website design: tips, real-life examples and common mistakes

Immediately after the publication of the post with the best examples of furniture sites, we came across an interesting English-language article on a similar subject. It contains a selection of tips and nuances for creating furniture sites with visual illustrations of typical solutions, as well as descriptions of mistakes that you definitely do not want to repeat.

It has always been interesting to work with projects in this category, since they are closely related to the interior or architecture, and the products themselves, as a rule, have an exquisite taste. Drawing on the expertise of designers and web developers, Best Furniture Website Design Examples explores the factors that can help make furniture website designs as effective and unique as possible.

This question is actually quite relevant, since currently, almost 60% of small / medium business owners are actively involved in creating new or improving existing web resources. Unlike traditional inspirational collections of colorful website designs and the like. below you will find real tips and UX / UI solutions that will make the interface more attractive and workable.

Features of creating a furniture website

First of all, let s consider what factors you need to pay special attention to in order to distinguish your project from the rest.

Colors that attract the target audience

In the minds of people, the viewed web resource, as a rule, will be associated directly with the manufactured products. Why not amplify this effect and simultaneously add even more consumer confidence to your company?

If you sell wood furniture, use browns and wood grain images. For metal products, choose shades of white and silver, you can even add some shiny details, but do not overdo it, otherwise it will have a deterrent effect.

When creating a furniture website design, you must be sure that the color palette everywhere corresponds to its content and purpose – this will be a confirmation of your painstaking and conscientious attitude to work.

Simplicity of layout

Simple design

The structure of a web resource in this niche is being developed like any other commercial project or online store. It should have the following components:

  • Header (or heading) is a block at the top of the page. Here you will find links to the most important sections: “Product catalog”, “Collections”, “About us”, “Contacts” (see the article about the effective design of the site header).
  • The content is represented by a catalog of goods, banners with special offers, articles describing products, customer reviews, etc.
  • Footer is a block at the bottom of the screen where additional useful information is placed for visitors.

Media content

Media content

Keep in mind that meaningful media content is a prerequisite for successful online commerce – it makes your furniture website more personalized and attractive to buyers. Photos should be of high quality, taken from different angles and with the ability to zoom.

Each photo should have an appropriate file name and alternative text with a brief description of the picture (it gives an additional effect in search engine optimization). You can also use 3D images of interiors that contain interactive elements with links to product pages.

Convenient navigation

Convenient navigation

Finding information will be ineffective without intuitive navigation. The design of the furniture site provides for the same navigation as other online stores:

  • product categories at the top of the page (header) or in the sidebar (sidebar);
  • a catalog of furniture sorted by popular parameters: for example, products for commercial or residential premises; used at home or outdoors; furniture made of wood or glass;
  • visual feedback form;
  • one-click ordering.

Extend your custom route through your site with a featured list or additional information on the product page for pieces of furniture that work well in the same interior.

Professional blog

Professional blog

Content is often referred to as the king of marketing, and indeed, an original blog has the potential to dramatically increase consumer confidence in a manufacturer / seller. When developing your project, be sure to create a separate page with articles in which, for example, interior designers give useful advice on using your products in real life.

Calls to action

Calls to action

Effective calls to action (CTAs) are a must-have step when selling online online stores. A few buttons asking you to subscribe to news or information about special offers can be very helpful.

Another option for a CTA is asking buyers to share a product they like on social networks, the number of likes / shares can influence the buying decision and increase the awareness of potential buyers about the brand.

Customer Service & FAQ

Customer Service & FAQ

No matter how good your furniture website design is, there are always people who don’t know how to order or who want to consult on specific products and services. Customers will definitely appreciate the willingness of the support specialists to provide assistance at any time via chat or email.

Another way to support customers is to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, from which you can learn how to work with your store, how to shop, place an order or make a return.

Tips of design of furniture sites on examples

We have already published the link to the article with 40 best examples of furniture sites above – be sure to use this collection for inspiration. Here are a couple of typical points that will help when creating a new web project or rebranding an existing one.

1. Bright bold colors

Bold colors

A good option for a convenient web resource for renting furniture, where all products are divided into categories according to the type / purpose of rooms. Stylish colorful banner with trendy interiors and vibrant colors enhances the attractiveness and impact of the page.

2. Elite secret

Elite design

The visual image confirms the company s slogan that their products are for the most beautiful interiors in the world. Large, stylish images work well with small typography. Everything looks as elegant as possible.

3. Cards

Product cards

On the main page you will find a list of cards with products and prices. This highly popular way of presenting information from 2017 design trends works well for online shopping. Multi-colored elements look contrasting on a white background, have a hover effect.

4. Focus


The Hermann Miller brand is best known for its chairs, therefore, the main emphasis in the design of the furniture site is on them. The rest of the products are naturally presented in a similar style.

5. Detailing


Long monotonous texts look and feel boring, so sometimes they are broken into small parts on the pages. In this example, the description of the chair is presented in a more interesting way than usual. The massive Bold font for the price, the mechanism for choosing the color scheme and the number of products also attracts the user s attention.

6. Minimalism


Perfect symmetry, as if by the principle of the golden ratio, a light background, intuitive graphics and relevant information on hover – all this perfectly fits the definition of an ideal furniture website design.

7. Organic colors

Organic colors

Eco-trend is one of the most stable and popular. Many people want to feel healthy, beautiful and always in shape – products made from eco-materials perfectly complement the “picture of the world” of this category of users. If we talk about web projects, then greenish and brown shades + light light design are best suited for such a niche. In the screenshot above, an interesting solution is the pause button on the slider, which allows you to stop the picture (usually the swiping goes on continuously).

8. Tree

Wood in design

This example has incorporated everything that was discussed earlier – natural materials, minimalism, product cards. Everything is as stylish as possible, simple and pleasant to look at. And using wooden textures and backgrounds in layouts when creating furniture sites is a completely logical idea.

9. Textures


Continuing with the previous option, we advise you to try other textures of materials: glass, steel, plastic. If you correctly implement them in the design of the project, you will get a very pleasant result.

10. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

This trend in interior design is steadily popular, because it embodies purity and light. White accents, different variations and shades of gray + light background help to create a beautiful stylish picture.

Errors when creating a furniture website that reduce sales efficiency

Unstructured content

By combining in one place (catalog) all the information on different types of furniture – wardrobes, tables, beds, etc. – you will not be able to find your target client. People will leave the site due to the confusion of a lot of data and texts.

Organize your content wisely and make sure that none of the products in a certain category fall into another. Check if the product description matches the filters that users use to search the store.

Excess information and media content

Large, detailed photos, clear, concise text, great deals – all this is enough to convince website visitors to buy your furniture. Too many videos, huge descriptions and additional pop-ups can, on the contrary, distract users from their main goal of shopping.

Mandatory registration when purchasing a product

After the client puts the selected products into the basket, he will want to check everything again and quickly place an order. However, the complicated registration procedure at this stage will scare off some buyers – this problem is encountered in many online stores. By simplifying the process of buying on the site, you can get regular customers.

We hope these tips for creating a furniture website design will be useful to you in your work and improve the usability of your project. If you have something to add, write about it in the comments.

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