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There are a lot of articles on the correct name of the profession.

The most popular name is UI / UX designer.

They decode it like this:

UI (User Interface) – the visual part of the interface.

UX (User Experience) – convenience and logic.

Many companies divide the profession into two separate ones – UI and UX designer.

That is, one person thinks about the logic and usability of the interface, while the other draws it thoughtlessly.

Complete nonsense, it cannot be shared.

There is a man and there is a car. The intersection of a machine and a person is an interface.
Everything connected with it is included in the sphere of professional tasks of the interface designer.

Design is translated as engineering. The designer is the designer.

How can you design an interface without thinking about convenience?

This is the whole essence of the profession!

An interface designer is a specialist who thinks through everything to the smallest detail. And the logic, and the visual part, and ease of use.

Otherwise, the UI “designer” is a dumb, not thinking draftsman who draws on everything finished, but not a designer.

What is the correct name for the profession?

Simple – an interface designer. In English – interface designer.

So name the profession correctly and don t make unnecessary complications.

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