About me

My name is Douglas Clark, I am a Web designer and programmer. Since 2011 I have been creating websites. During this time I have developed more than 30 websites from A to Z: design layout (including banners, logo), layout, content filling.

I have been attracted to design since I was a child. I even tried to draw by hand, but it has not advanced far.

In 5th grade I learned about the existence of the Photoshop program and fell in love. I studied it up and down. And in 2011 I finished working on my first website – a music project. It was difficult, I did everything by myself. But thanks to this work, I got a lot of new knowledge and gained experience.

By the way, my first project took an unexpected “shot”. And in 2 years, I was invited to the international team, which was engaged in creation of the Russian music project “RealMuz”. I felt that this was my finest hour. Working in a team of specialists from all over the CIS expanded my knowledge and competence. And friendly communication in the circle of like-minded people and their recognition strengthened my belief in myself.

These projects gave a strong impetus to my development as a web designer and programmer.