About Dribbble and Behance | UXPUB

Dribbble and Behance are home to hipster draftsmen who call themselves designers.

On these sites, they post beautiful pictures and collect likes, like girls on Instagram.

In fact, neither these artists, nor their pictures have anything to do with interface design.

Of course, sometimes there are real designers, but now it is a rarity and they are listed in the Red Book.

Be careful with these sites, or rather stay away from them as if they were bad company.

Their main danger is that a designer who is hooked on Dribbble and Behance thinks only about how to lay out beautiful pictures and collect likes, and not about the real product and the usability of the interface.

It degrades to the level of a draftsman.

So don t get hooked on these sites and only use them to publish your work.

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