7 ways to generate ideas

Have you been in a creative stupor more than once? Coffee won t help you wake up!

Let s get acquainted with methods to help you generate ideas easily!

1. The first classic and sensational method that is used everywhere – brainstorming!

Everyone in the boat and let s go! I find this method to be effective. Just imagine, you get together with a team, and everyone offers an idea, even the most stupid one. But you will be surprised when you write down all the ideas from the participants, you move on to an active discussion, and even the most stupid idea can turn out to be “sweet”. Don t be afraid to voice silly ideas, this is how the brainstorming method works! Storm Olympus easily!

2. Another classic method is the method of associations


Of course, everyone has heard of him, especially the designers. The principle is simple: there is a topic of discussion – there is an association and one more association and another.

The ice is broken, gentlemen of the jury! The ice has broken!

Many designers work according to this principle and not only. This principle is suitable for absolutely everyone who needs to “urgently” generate an idea. You can build a whole chain of associations and find that you are far from the intended topic. But it doesn t matter, these are “deep associations”, somehow connected with your topic, try to use them as well.

3. Mental maps


I was lazy to use them at first. But as usual, you need to turn it into a habit and see the result. The intrigue is over! About the method of mental maps itself: we draw plans for today with you, we draw. You are in the center, there are lines from you, and you do not write the problem, but draw, so that later you can figure out what it is. For example, one of the tasks for today is to go to the movies. So, using the same method of associations, we are drawing little people in front of the big screen.

4. Bus, bed, bath


The method invites us to generate ideas in unusual places, if you are in the office – let s work in the fresh air, waiting for the long-awaited apple to fall on us. Let the ideas out, you need to help them, and, like Archimedes in the bathroom, shout “Eureka”!

5. Transcript, sir!

We take an incomprehensible inscription or drawing, for example, a hieroglyph, examine a friend s tattoo. And “in the old fashioned way” we give birth to associations, what is it! This is a great exercise for every day, after which you will give birth to associations on the go!

6. Catching ideas with a butterfly net!

It s simple: we write down ideas in a notebook or read on a dictaphone. Everyone knows that ideas come suddenly when you are not prepared for it! Be vigilant and, like a detective or a doctor, write down all ideas. Most importantly, then find the record!

7. I love hats! All six hats!

The technique of trying on six hats will help you from the creative chaos in your head. We mentally put on a white hat and analyze facts and figures with a serious face. We put on a black hat and look for the negative, criticize and look appraisingly. Finally, we try on a yellow hat – smile and look at everything positively. Then we will try on a green hat that will help us generate new ideas. Red hat makes us emotional, more emotion. In the end, after trying on a blue hat or a sky blue hat, we summarize with you. More color!

How to generate ideas easily is a pressing question, the solutions to which are a huge ocean. These 7 proven ways to help you breathe new life into your creativity without much preparation!

I wish everyone inspiration every day and in an unusual setting!

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