5 simple rules for creating beautiful icons

An article from the practicing graphic designer Senya Ars, in which he summarized the basic rules for creating icons.

1. Style

What we like so much about these cool pictures. Filled or contoured, with different line thicknesses. An interesting style makes you stare at the icon longer than usual, so we can highlight accents or add flavor to simple interfaces.

by Justas Galaburda

2. Unity

When the style is already there, and several icons are drawn, it is very important not to lose the common features that the style dictates; if they are not looped strokes, then they should be visible on all icons. Line thickness, corner rounding, etc.

1-RnGd0HK0pPnZXlPOCcuhYwAnd if these are color, non-monochrome icons with many layers, it is very important to stick to one color scheme.

3. Recognition

Well, everything is simple here, the more sophisticated the icon and the more elements it contains, the longer it will be identified by the user. Ideal icons are those that the user understands at a glance. Knows what will happen if he clicks on this or that icon, even if they are not signed.


4. Simplicity

The image of the object or objects that you want to convey using the icon. Ideally, one icon per image, but there are times when this is impossible and you have to combine 2-3 images into one icon. The recipe is as follows: exactly as many elements as are required to recognize the subject.

1-RL3XswXqGgOLwT5V2j1GNAHealthy designer images

1-Eu4LFU-oMTMeNqWahQZ3YQSmoker images

5. Pixel Perfect

Pixel perfect is your gateway to designer paradise, something you should keep in mind and check throughout your work. What is it for? Icons will have clear lines and borders. This will improve the quality of your work.


At a multiple magnification, if all points are on the pixel grid, the icons will look perfect.


Source: designpub

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