5 commandments of marketing design

How to create a design that will sell and sell well yourself?

We will give 5 simple facts due to which a client can get a substandard work, relying on the effectiveness of the design and the “class” of its performer.

Designers can also adopt them by taking up the pen, especially the younger ones.

Find yourself

If for some reason you, as a brand, have not yet decided what your unique selling proposition (USP) is, then the designer and the client will have to find it now.

Fortunately, such quests are becoming less common, because the owners of companies began to understand that they need to develop marketing in their business and come for a “package” with a ready-made strategy. Nevertheless, the designer, getting started, should remember the archetype of the customer s target audience and meditate in the process. This is ironic, of course, but both parties should keep in mind the needs of the potential buyer and the competitive advantage of the brand itself, without slipping into another niche and not mimicking a competitor.

Turn off the noise

Getting started with the layout, it is important to highlight what is its center and what is subordinate. The first point + content is what you really need to rely on in your work.

Design is a PRODUCT. True, in the event that it goes in conjunction with marketing, and this is an ideal, almost utopian picture.

It may be that the design studio worked with you only to get a new project in its portfolio, forgetting about the needs of your audience, or a beginner put all his creative ideas into the layout and turned out to be a design for the sake of design without a hint of the original problem.

Healthy ambition is good, but design has to sell, so get rid of visual noise and empty, but such beautiful beauties.

Be your own among your own

Unless a lazy person will monitor competitors for their positioning: what is quoted in the industry, and what you can get banned for. Play by the rules of “your club”. Everything is like in dress code – it is important to be appropriate to the time and place, and if we are talking, for example, about a fashionable restaurant, it is ridiculous to make a menu for such an establishment on laminated cardboard with bad typography. The absence of a logo as a sign is permissible if the original cool font is taken as a basis, modified for you. The lettering must be flawless! If you decide that your logo should be metaphorical, create a laconic and understandable sign, without unnecessary decor, which takes us into the segment of eateries, although they do not allow themselves this now.

You can successfully “get into” a niche if you respect the previous experience of colleagues in this field, adding a zest to your brainchild.

Do more

The essence of branding is to create an identity and, on its basis, branding media, such as a logo, business cards, folders, menus, cars, posters, etc. If the designer has managed to create the maximum number of useful media for the client, branding can be considered complete. Why is this important to the client? Regardless of how many people are in the company – five or fifty, your advertising products create the effect of presence and status in the market, material and tangible always work “instead of a thousand words.”

For ourselves, for example, we came up with business cards with a stereo-vario print, which change the image at a certain angle; many children of the post-Soviet space had badges with this effect. Getting them in hand, our clients will definitely catch themselves on memories from their childhood. In addition, they clearly reflect our identity – the magic of visual communication.

And what kind of media you need and how practical they should be, an experienced designer will answer you without difficulty.

Trust each other

If at the briefing stage both parties maintain partnerships, then after the first layout, the customer can take the role of an expert, which will certainly offend the artist, because, in his opinion, the opponent has insufficient competencies. From a design point of view, this is true, but the client clearly knows his product better and his comments may be reasonable.

In order to avoid the negative at the first show, you can provide not one layout, as often happens, but two, albeit with minimal differences in color and composition, but the customer will not have the feeling that he is forced to choose this, the only correct option.

But still more often it happens that the client wants from the design to realize his own desires, or the worst thing – he does not know what he wants, asks for a call to a friend, conducts polls among friends on Facebook – in all this fuss, the eyes are completely blurred and there is a risk of crossing the line from misunderstanding to anger.

We, as a design studio with rich experience, would like to advise you to trust your contractors more, if you have chosen experienced professionals, these are not just “hands” who own Photoshop, it is also mind, heart and soul, and everything that comes out of their pen is a product these three terms. They are experts in design, you are in your business, therefore I just want to utter the slogan of the proletarian countries “Unite!”

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