19 top resources for finding creative people

Choose the right sites to find IT and creative professionals. Go beyond Hh and SuperJob, use smart search, find the best and create striking projects. These popular resources for finding talented and virtuoso people will help you build a strong team and achieve creative success.

Vacancies in the field of culture. If you are looking for employees in a gallery or a museum, this is the place for you.


Here you can post clear jobs in digital.


Telegram channel with really cool jobs in online and offline education.


Vacancies for PR specialists.


Information portal of the event industry. You can post a vacancy once and always collect responses.


A group for finding any designers both in the state and for freelance.


You can search for designers and PR specialists here.


Facebook group to find people in art.


In addition to cool events, here in the “Opportunities” section, you can look for cool people on the staff and for internships.


Vacancies for creative professions at radio stations and television companies in Moscow. Work for announcers, presenters, journalists, editors

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Absolutely different areas. Only creativity unites them.


Here you can find illustrators of all stripes.


Vacancies for professionals in the film and television industry


The group with its media projects.


A project for people who are either looking for remote work, or are already working remotely, with the absolute understanding that going to only one site every day and getting information from there is a way to nowhere. Self-development adepts, home-office adherents, active participants in offline and online events.


Design and media jobs can be found here. The site is positioning itself as a career resource of a new format.


A specialized platform for posting vacancies and searching for employees in the field of media, digital, advertising, PR, SMM and marketing communications, television and radio broadcasting, Pay TV, production and distribution of programs and films, Web content, as well as art, design and creativity, print media and publishing houses, Internet and Multimedia.

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The resource accumulates the best internships and starting vacancies available on the market. On the portal you can find a class internship or starting position in any professional field.


The main topics of the public: vacancies in the fields of MEDIA, Design, Creativity, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Creativity, Architecture, NGOs.

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