[Обзор] 2 Huion tablets: H430P and H610Pro (v2)

Hello, lovers of drawing, design, 3D modeling, retouching and their sympathizers! 🙂

At the beginning of the year, I got my hands on 2 tablets from Huion – analogs to the well-known Wacom graphic tablets.

I will not tell you in detail for whom and why tablets are needed, but in short: illustrators who create illustrations on a regular basis, photographers and retouchers who often have to work with graphics. In general, absolutely everyone who works at a computer can use tablets: you can learn to solve problems much more cleverly with a pen both in graphic editors and in 3D packages.

Packaging and equipment

Because This is my second tablet in my life (I bought the first one back in 2009), I ll just write in general: the boxes of both tablets are stylish, inside everything is neatly arranged in cells and special niches. Inside the box, the small H430P tablet does not have any additional protective elements, which is understandable – the tablet is almost the size of an iPad mini, nothing can break even from rough transportation. But the H610Pro has an extra layer of foam on the lid to protect the tablet from shaking.

Included for both tablets:

  • Graphics tablet
  • pen
  • pen stand and replaceable nibs
  • instruction
  • cable connection to computer

Installation and drivers

The set of each tablet contains a small instruction: where to download the drivers and how to install. All links in the instructions lead to the official Russian site http://huiontab.ru, however, nothing can be downloaded from it. When trying to download, the visitor is sent to the official English site huiontablet.com, where you need to re-search the “Driver” tab and search for the desired model. Why complicate the user s path is unclear …

However, when the driver is downloaded, the installation process takes at least 30 seconds and then the tablet works without a single problem.


Both tablets are quite thin, the hand is comfortable and there is no discomfort even after several hours of work. The rubber feet on the bottom will keep the tablets from sliding on any surface.

The surfaces of the working areas are made of matte plastic, which turned out to be very easily soiled: like it or not, sometimes you still need to slightly rotate or move the tablet, put the pen down, take the pen – there are prints on the tablet 🙁

Of course, if you actively use it, you will wipe all your traces with your own hand 🙂 But if you, like me, mainly use the mouse, and the tablet is needed only for painstaking work with photographs, the prints will always be visible.

Now for more details: baby H430P


The size of the working area of ​​the H430P tablet = 12.1 × 7.6 cm.On the one hand, this is not much, but on the other hand, the tablet does not take up much space on the table, is inexpensive and perfectly copes with simple tasks when working, for example, with photographs: It is much faster, more convenient and easier to clip an object with a stylus than with a mouse.


You can assign any key or key combination to 4 buttons (2 on each side of the tablet), which can significantly save time when using frequently repeated commands when working in graphic editors.


Conclusion: If your main activity is graphic design and occasionally there are tasks for retouching or working with photos, then the H430P tablet will perfectly save time with these tasks. If working with photos, collaging and retouching takes you> 50% of your working time – read below.

Workhorse H610Pro (v2)


I think it immediately becomes clear from the photo that the H610Pro has much more capabilities than the H430P, not even so much due to the almost doubled working area (25.4 × 15.9 cm) or two dozen customizable buttons. First of all, this tablet is much more convenient to use for a long time: the larger physical size of the tablet allows you to place the entire hand on the tablet. No need to keep your hand on weight – the hand does not get tired – you can work longer – profit 🙂

24 customizable hotkeys!

Yes, absolutely any key on the tablet can be customized! True, I note: 8 keys on the left have icons, so at first they can be a little confusing if you put the “select another brush” combination on the back arrow button, but if you do not look at the keys and work from memory, there will be no problems.


At the top of the tablet there are 16 touch areas, to put it right, they are immune to finger touches, but they perceive touches with a stylus. They can also be customized to any key combination and keyboard shortcut.

Build quality

And the last thing I would like to talk about is the build quality. Perhaps I, as an ardent adherent of Apple technology, and specifically the iPad, do not really like the plastic cases of working tools: the tablets are light, pliable to slight bends in the hands. I would like to see something a little more fortified chtoli … But otherwise, having used the tablets for a week, I can say: you can get used to it 🙂


In conclusion, it is only worth talking about the prices:

But if you search, you can easily find options slightly cheaper than the official supplier offers.

Author: Sergey Inozemtsev

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